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Danehof - Programm 30. Juni 2023

Programm für das Danehoffest am Freitag, 30. Juni 2023.



Welcome to Danehof 2023

The year is 1219, and Valdemar Sejr and his Funen fleet are on their way to Nyborg, his new fortress. Waiting for them in Nyborg is Queen Berengaria, Valdemar’s second wife and successor to the popular Queen Dagmar, who lies buried in Ringsted, having died in childbirth in Ribe. His many subjects are waiting eagerly for the king to sail in land, and rumour has it that he is bringing a flag sent by God – Dannebrog.

Danehof at Nyborg Castle

In the Middle Ages, the Danish king met with his parliament, Danehoffet, in Nyborg. Now Nyborg is holding the Danehof again. The town buzzes with life, just as it did when the king and his men met for the Danehof. There will be longships, processions, battles, stalls, culinary delights, music and entertainment for children and adults alike all weekend.

Pay your market tax

It’s free to come to Danehof, and that’s how it’ll stay. In the Middle Ages, it was customary for the town council to collect the town’s taxes. If insufficient taxes were collected, the council had to dig into their own pockets. This is not something we have carried on, however. In the same way that a market tax was paid in Middle Ages, we hope that you, as a guest, will support the Danehof. For just DKK 20 (or more), you will be issued with a market badge, so that everyone
can see that you’ve done your duty and paid your tax to the king’s tax collectors. You will find the tax collectors in several places in the town.

First aid

There is a first aid tent with a defibrillator on Slotsgade. The first aiders can be contacted on tel. 2395 4207.

There is also a defibrillator at:

  • Nyborg Library Torvet 11,
  • VisitNyborg Torvet 2B,
  • Odd Fellowlogen Skolegade 3,
  • Ældre Sagen Adelgade 6 (please call 1-1-2 to obtain the code to the cabinet),
  • Bastionen Nørrevoldgade 63
  • Kvickly Dronningensvej 1.

Lost property

Lost property can be collected from and handed in at VisitNyborg, Torvet 2B. 

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I support Danehof 2023

Danehof 2023 is organised jointly by Nyborg Municipality, Nyborg Castle, Nyborg Church, Kongens Fadebur (the king’s pantry) and Nyborg Chamber of Commerce.

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